Branch Feature: Chattanooga, TN

Our featured branch this month is PBFS Chattanooga, which has quite an impressive history.  Branch Manager, Mitch McCurdy, joined Pye-Barker Fire & Safety in February 2014. At that time, the office was located in Cleveland, Tennessee, where there was only one technician, Jeff Counts, performing fire extinguisher and kitchen suppression system inspections.

When McCurdy was promoted to branch manager in the Fall of 2014, he started doing what was necessary to grow the modest office into a competitive Pye-Barker location.  He hired technicians with experience and started to expand the customer base, with the help of Jason Dement. By the Summer of 2015, the branch had five employees and was growing steadily. Soon the staff and demand outgrew the Cleveland office, and the branch moved to its current location in Chattanooga, TN, where it has thrived.

In 2016, PBFS Chattanooga was Pye-Barker’s Branch of the Year.  In only two years, the once-small Tennessee office was either matching or surpassing the revenue and size of many of the company’s locations, and handling Pye-Barker’s largest customer, Shaw Inc.  The following year, they started their alarm division.  By the end of 2017, the branch was doing over two million more in sales than it was when McCurdy joined in 2014.

Now in 2018, the branch has almost twenty employees, and their persistent growth has led them to open another office in Dalton, GA. The additional location will help Pye-Barker reach its full potential and better serve the surrounding areas.  McCurdy shared, “We are very proud of all our employees and couldn’t make all this possible with out them.”

“We have really come a long ways in four years and have no plans on slowing down,” McCurdy continued, “We will continue to make a constant effort to grow and build a great name in the community.”

Given their history, we have every certainty that we have only just begun to witness the full potential of PBFS Chattanooga, and now PBFS Dalton as well.  Thank you to Mitch and the staff for all of your efforts!