Branch Feature: Hendersonville, NC

Our next branch feature highlights PBFS Hendersonville, Pye-Barker’s office located near the popular mountain city of Asheville, NC.  Originally established in 2007 through the acquisition of family-owned FireX, the branch has experienced massive growth over the last three years under the supervision of branch manager, Andy Holland.  Today they are proud to serve western North Carolina with accuracy and efficiency, adhering to a strict “No Customer Left Behind” policy that has earned the respect and loyalty of their rapidly growing customer base.

After being integrated as a Pye-Barker office in 2007, PBFS Hendersonville remained small and focused on offering a limited amount of services.  When Andy Holland was appointed Branch Manager in 2015, the location had one office administrator and five technicians.  Andy focused on expanding the office through an increased sales effort and the addition of more fire protection services.  In September of 2017 the office hired a much-needed Service Manager for the flourishing sprinkler and alarm divisions and the following month added another member to their office staff to help keep the growing office organized.

Since 2017 the office has regularly hired new technicians to meet the demands of their thriving list of customers.  This summer they were also able to make new new significant hires: a Sprinkler Designer and a full-time shop technician, who also assists with call-in requests and is available to help walk-in customers with immediate fire protection needs.  Their full staff allows them to guarantee a 24-48 hour response time for new customers and enables them to always deliver service in a timely fashion.

Through the efforts of Branch Manager, Andy Holland, and the rest of the Hendersonville staff, the office now boasts almost 20 team members and has nearly tripled their monthly sales average.  Their focus on team building through monthly meetings and regular events keeps the office members working closely together to improve the office, and diligent care for their customers continues to encourage more members of the community to trust Pye-Barker with their fire protection needs.

PBFS Hendersonville, we are very proud to have you as part of our team and can only look forward to watching as you continue to expand!