Branch Feature: Norcross, GA

We at Pye-Barker Fire are proud to spotlight our office in Norcross, GA as the next installment in our Branch Feature Series!

Part of PBFS Norcross: the Alarm/Special Hazards and Sprinkler Service/Inspection teams, led by Branch Managers Jacob Santinelli and John Pittard

PBFS Norcross has exploded over the past few years, through a combination of acquisitions and branch restructuring.  It is now the home base for the surrounding branches, working closely with PBFS Covington, a branch dedicated to new construction, and PBFS Atlanta, which specializes in the sale and service of fire extinguishers and kitchen suppression systems.

Growing from Early Acquisition Roots

The current Norcross branch was originally located in Tucker, Georgia after the acquisitions of Georgia Fire Protection and Innovative Electronic Control Systems.  It started small but grew as the responsibilities of the branch were more clearly established.  The team moved into a larger space in December 2019 as the branches around Atlanta worked on restructuring to better serve their growing customer base.  In January 2021, PBFS Covington’s sprinkler inspection and service division moved to work out of the Norcross location.  This established the Norcross branch as a full service office.  Most of PBFS Atlanta’s fire extinguisher and hood suppression techs also work out of the Norcross location.  Over the course of 2020, the branch evolved into the headquarters for most of the service work in the territories in and around Atlanta’s bustling metropolitan.

New Acquisitions Open New Opportunities

At the end of 2020, the Norcross branch was able to start self-performing services they were previously subcontracting when they gained the service work from an acquisition with shared territory.  The branch now offers inspection services for sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, hood suppression systems, clean agent/special hazard systems, and more.  It also performs hydrostatic testing on large CO2 cylinders.  Today, PBFS Norcross has over 40 employees that work from their location.

“We have a great team and we’re doing great things.  We all work well together,” shared Branch Manager Jacob Santinelli, who joined the branch three years ago and has supervised the location’s growth and development.

Looking Ahead to a Strong Future

Although PBFS Norcross relocated a little over a year ago, they are about to outgrow their new office.  Pye-Barker Fire’s National Accounts Division recently established headquarters in their branch.  The location also continues to grow as 2021’s acquisitions have added additional nearby tech support.

We are proud to recognize the hard work and resilience of this booming Georgia office.  Keep it up, PBFS Norcross! Thank you for rising to meet new goals and tackle challenges!