Branch Feature: Sarasota, FL

Pye-Barker’s branch in Sarasota, Florida is a combination of two fantastic companies, acquired a couple years apart.  The first company, King Fire and Safety, was founded in 1957 and served the greater Sarasota area for 59 years before being acquired by Pye-Barker in 2015. The second company, Tanner Fire and Safety, was founded in 1973 and also served the greater Sarasota area for 44 years before being acquired by Pye-Barker in 2017.  The two companies had a solid working relationship before the acquisitions, and combined now offer highly valuable expertise, local knowledge, and trusted service to the Sarasota area.

PBFS Sarasota currently has 12 employees and is a full-service branch, offering installation and inspection of portable fire extinguishers, pre-engineered systems, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, and backflow preventers. With the two well-respected companies now sharing the same building, their reputation for stellar customer service has only continued with the combination of resources enabling the team to better serve its loyal customer base.  The local community knows Pye-Barker is a company that is passionate about providing the best customer service possible, and is devoted to protecting property and life with accuracy and reliability. PBFS Sarasota only continues growing, proving to the southwestern coast of Florida that Pye-Barker is the best source to trust with the safety of your home or business.

Give the friendly and knowledgeable staff of PBFS Sarasota a call today to learn more about how we can provide peace of mind and quality protection for your company.