Fire Prevention Week 2019

It is officially Fire Prevention Week, and for those of us in the fire protection industry, this week provides a great opportunity to review some important safety points for families across the country.  This year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) created this entertaining video to cover some important and overlooked details of family fire escape plans:

Our favorite points from this video are:

  • From the time the smoke alarm sounds, you have less than two minutes to exit the building safely!  This means…
  • Every second truly does make all the difference, so deciding roles ahead of time is crucial.
  • Children can sleep through smoke alarms, even those in their rooms!
  • Plan not one, but two ways to exit the house as one could compromised by the time you reach it.  However…
  • Pick only one designated meeting place for all the family to congregate once they are safe.
  • Everyone can be a hero by playing his or her role in the fire escape plan!

Throughout the week, we will be exploring these points more in depth. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore with your family and start having these life-saving conversations tonight. Have a topic or question you would like us to address? Email and we will answer as many as we can throughout the week!