FPW 2018: Link Round-up

As Fire Prevention Week draws to a close, we want to provide a list of resources to help you continue your fire safety education.  These links are trustworthy sources for information about fire safety equipment and procedures, and have helpful tools for teaching fire safety to your children and employees.

  • Pye-Barker Fire & Safety’s News Page: As always, our News page is a fantastic resource for fire safety tips, news, and information, and you can always call your local Pye-Barker office if you have questions about your unique fire safety needs.
  • NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week Page: This is a landing page for all things Fire Prevention Week, including videos and downloadable materials teaching the “Look. Listen. Learn.” theme.  It features articles about the history of Fire Prevention Week, educational materials for purchase, and printable tip sheets to use around the home.
  • U.S. Fire Administration’s Page: This site is hosted through the governmental organization, FEMA, and features social media toolkits and other valuable resources for learning and sharing fire safety information.  This page specifically features resources in the Fire Prevention Week theme.
  • Ready.gov’s Home Fires Page: Ready.gov has a plethora of resources for preparing for any type of emergency, including fire-related emergencies.  This page includes simple yet important information about fires, and divides safety steps by specifying what to do before, after, and during a home fire.
  • Sparky.com: We cannot recommend this site enough for educating children.  The site is kid-friendly and has fun games, videos, and things to do that entertain children while also teaching them about fire safety.  You can find resources to use to teach your children, or let them explore the site themselves.

These resources are great starting points if you would like to continue learning about fire prevention and safety after this week ends.  We will continue providing information to help you address common safety concerns on our News page, and are always here to help if you have questions!