Pye-Barker Eddie Award: Freddy Pena

Pye-Barker Eddie Award: Freddy Pena

PBFS San Antonio is proud to present the Pye-Barker Eddie Award to Freddy Pena for going above and beyond in the field to keep his community safe.

The aftermath of the fire.

Pena was completing a routine fire sprinkler inspection when he heard commotion at a nearby park. Looking over, he noticed a fire and went to see what was causing it. He discovered that a group of kids playing with fireworks had set fire to the surrounding area. Using the equipment on his truck, Pena was able to extinguish the fire before it spread farther and prevent anyone from being injured.

Pena will be celebrating his five year work anniversary this March. He joined the Pye-Barker team through the acquisition of Ace Fire Equipment in February 2019. We are proud to have him on the Pye-Barker team and thank him for demonstrating our company goal to keep our communities as safe as possible. Great work, Freddy!

The Pye-Barker Eddie Award was named after PBFS Charleston employee Eddie Hall, who stopped to put out a car fire he passed on the way to a job, saving the life of the person trapped inside the vehicle. His courage inspired us to create this award, to properly recognize and honor the impeccable courage and care of our employees.