Pye-Barker Eddie Award: Jon Conner

Eddie recipient Jon Conner, left, with Regional Director Andy Holland

PBFS Hendersonville is proud to present the Pye-Barker Eddie Award to Jon Conner for his extraordinary efforts in the field protecting his community.

While on the way into work one morning, Conner drove by a smoking tractor trailer.  At first only the smoke was visible, so he guessed that the vehicle’s brakes may have been overheating, but when he slowed down to check he noticed fire around the wheels.  He pulled over and as he was getting out the driver yelled that his fire extinguisher was not working.  Conner ran over with a couple extinguishers from his work van and put out the fire.

Once he was sure the flames were completely extinguished with no chance of re-igniting he told the driver he needed to continue on to work, but left him an additional fire extinguisher just in case.  When the driver insisted on being billed for the equipment used, Conner told him he had bigger problems to handle already so he did not have to worry about a bill.

We heard about Conner’s selfless actions when the driver’s employer left a glowing Google review, saying,

We had a wonderful employee from this company, Jon Conner, stop and help our driver to put the fire out before any damage was done to the trailer! We can’t thank him enough for his kindness and dedication to helping keep people safe!

Thank you for going above and beyond in your service to the community, Jon!  Pye-Barker is honored to have you as a representative of our company and an example for us all.

The Pye-Barker Eddie Award was named after PBFS Charleston employee Eddie Hall, who stopped to put out a car fire he passed on the way to a job, saving the life of the person trapped inside the vehicle.  His courage inspired us to create this award, to properly recognize and honor the impeccable courage and care of our employees.