Pye-Barker Eddie Award: Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor, pictured right, with Regional Operations Manager Conrad McCall

Pye-Barker is proud to bestow the Pye-Barker Eddie Award on PBFS Spartanburg sprinkler technician Michael Taylor, who jumped into action while stopped at a gas station when someone needed medical attention.

Michael was beginning his work day fueling up when he saw a man come running out of the store.  He pulled his car up to the side and ran back in, returning dragging a woman out of the gas station.  It was clear the woman was in distress.  Once the woman collapsed, the man started calling for help.

Michael, who is a trained EMT, came to his assistance, along with a nearby nurse.  Apparently the pair had been doing drugs in the restroom and the woman had overdosed.  She was unresponsive without a pulse so Michael and the nurse began CPR. The two of them were able to revive the woman. They kept her conscious until the ambulance arrived and administered the necessary medicine.

The woman left in the ambulance for further treatment and the man was arrested on-site.

We applaud Michael for his quick action in this life-threatening situation and for being an exemplary representative of Pye-Barker’s prioritization of the protection of human life.

The Pye-Barker Eddie Award was named after PBFS Charleston employee Eddie Hall, who stopped to put out a car fire he passed on the way to a job, saving the life of the person trapped inside the vehicle. His courage inspired us to create this award, to properly recognize and honor the impeccable courage and care our employees demonstrate in service to our communities.