Pye-Barker Eddie Award: Steve Hadley

Pye-Barker is proud to bestow the Pye-Barker Eddie Award on PBFS Atlanta technician Steve Hadley for his help with stopping a fire he passed on the expressway in the midst of his work day.

While on the expressway, Steve noticed a semi tractor trailer pulled over with a burning rear tire. Steve pulled over and extinguished the fire. When the fire department arrived a few minutes later, they were very grateful to Steve for stopping the fire before it had the chance to spread.

We thank Steve for his quick work in keeping a member of his community safe!

The Pye-Barker Eddie Award was named after PBFS Charleston employee Eddie Hall, who stopped to put out a car fire he passed on the way to a job, saving the life of the person trapped inside the vehicle. His courage inspired us to create this award, to properly recognize and honor the impeccable courage and care our employees demonstrate in service to our communities.