AFFF Firefighting Foam

AFFF Firefighting Foam

AFFF Firefighting Foam Replacement

Making fire suppression safer for those who protect us

Aqueous film forming foams (AFFFs) have played an important role in fire suppression for high-hazard fires involving petroleum and other highly flammable products. The foam coats fuel and prevents its contact with oxygen, making it easier for firefighters to contain dangerous fires at warehouses, airplane hangars, chemical plants, and oil and gas facilities.

However, new PFAS legislation has been enacted in many states has many organizations looking to convert legacy foam sprinkler systems to fluorine-free systems. Our engineering and field service technicians are the experts you need to take on this challenge.

We will help you with:

  • Engineering evaluation
  • Foam concentrate replacement
  • Third-party disposal
  • Upgrades and replacements to your system
  • System commissioning and startup

Questions about AFFF? We’re here to help!