Tucker Awards Two Pye-Barker Eddies

PBFS Tucker was proud to bestow two more Pye-Barker Eddie Awards, one for Jeff Saunders and one for Brandon Henderson. The Pye-Barker Eddie Award was created to honor our employees who go above and beyond to serve and protect our communities and fellow employees on the job.

Jeff Saunders was nominated for the award after he pulled a woman out of her smoldering car then put out the engine fire. While on the road Jeff witnessed a vehicle run a red light and crash into two other vehicles. The car flipped over, and when he arrived on the scene the woman inside was screaming while she tried to get out of the car. He pulled her out while another man rescued her baby from the back seat, then ran to his truck to grab fire extinguishers after noticing that the hood of the car was smoking. He was able to help stabilize the scene while waiting for the emergency vehicles to arrive.

Brandon Henderson received the award after he pulled over to help a man whose trailer was on fire. The man had stopped on the side of the road after the wheel of his trailer caught fire and started burning the trailer’s underside. Brandon used a couple extinguishers to put out the fire before it had a chance to spread or cause severe damage.

We commend Jeff and Brandon for their selfless service to the community!

(Pictured L to R: Jeff Saunders, Regional Manager Bill Munier, Branch Manager Jacob Santinelli, Brandon Henderson)

The Pye-Barker Eddie Award was named after PBFS Charleston employee Eddie Hall, who stopped to put out a car fire he passed on the way to a job, saving the life of the person trapped inside the vehicle.  His courage inspired us to create this award, to properly recognize and honor the impeccable courage and care of our employees.