Women Leading Pye-Barker’s Western Branches

Women Leading Pye-Barker’s Western Branches

Over the past year, different states have experienced varying degrees of lockdowns and restrictions in response to the pandemic. Overcoming this while navigating the transitional logistics of becoming a Pye-Barker Fire branch is not a task for the faint of heart. Fortunately three of our managers in the western part of the country have helped their branches remain strong through these trials and emerge even better prepared to exceed new goals this year.

Sandra Baker: PBFS Portland, Oregon

Navigating the past year was challenging, but nothing too hard for former construction company owner Sandra Baker to handle!  Sandra is the Operations Manager for PBFS Portland and joined us through the acquisition of Universal Fire in October 2019.  Her past experience as a business owner and bookkeeper made her a strong and knowledgeable leader for her team and enabled her to keep steering them to success, in spite of Oregon’s strict restrictions during the pandemic.  She is a self-proclaimed “Mama Bear” in her office and takes good care of her team while pushing them to meet new goals.

“Sandra keeps everyone in line running a respectable business,” Regional Director Jason Uhrich shared. “The West Coast has proven to be a difficult market to operate in through COVID.  Sandra has found a way to navigate through the stringent regulations and still grow her branch.”

Over the past year, Sandra has helped the branch add fire sprinkler and marine suppression services and has positioned her team to tackle large equipment suppression and fire alarm systems in the upcoming year.

 Nisha Taylor: PBFS Burlington, Washington

Nisha Taylor joined the PBFS family at the outset of the pandemic with the acquisition of Alpine Fire & Safety in March 2020.  She had her work cut out for her when she was elevated to the branch manager position shortly afterward, upon the retirement of Alpine Fire’s original owner.  She had proven herself in her Systems Division Manager role with the company up to that point and did not disappoint as she embraced her new responsibilities.

“Nisha has proven over the last year to be a strong leader,” Jason Uhrich shared, as he acknowledged the difficulty of being assigned this new role in the epicenter of the pandemic’s outbreak.

She not only succeeded in keeping her team tight through the hardships of the months that followed, but also managed to grow the branch, adding marine and vehicle suppression services to her branch’s offerings.

Jacqueline Holgate: PBFS Rifle, Colorado

Jacqueline Holgate joined the Pye-Barker team through the acquisition of Tri County Fire in August 2019.  She was friends with one of Tri County Fire’s owners prior to becoming an employee. Recognizing her talents, her friend convinced her to join the team in 2010. She was an outstanding office manager for Tri County Fire for years prior to the acquisition.  After successfully guiding the Rifle branch and surrounding teams through the challenges of 2020, she was promoted from Operations Manager to Branch Manager over the PBFS branches in Rifle, Grand Junction, and Steamboat Springs.

“Jacqueline does an amazing job of managing three locations and over 20 employees,” shared Regional Manager Jason Bleak. “She enjoys the close-knit family atmosphere she has with her Pye-Barker Fire team.”

Jacqueline continues to enjoy working in fire protection after 11 years in the industry because she knows the industry provides a valuable service to the surrounding communities and helps keep everyone safe.

We are honored to have these incredible women leading our western teams to success, even through difficult times.  We look forward to watching them continue to accomplish great things, especially as the restrictions surrounding the pandemic begin to clear.

Thank you for your hard work and strong leadership, Sandra, Nisha, and Jacqueline!