We’re lucky to be supported by an amazing group of leaders with incredible experience in fire, life safety and security. Some are former firefighters and emergency responders, others grew a company that merged with Pye-Barker Fire & Safety. All of them are passionate about doing what’s right for their customers and communities.

Bart Proctor
Chief Executive Officer
Chris Dirx
Chief Financial Officer
Jason Brinkman
Chief Strategy Officer
Joseph Hightower
Chief Operations Officer
Jeremy Jones
Chief Information Officer
Rebecca True
Chief Human Resources Officer
Irene Ayzenberg-Lyman
Chief Legal Officer
Chuck Reimel
Vice President, Business Development
Eric Garner
President, Alarm Division
Matt Hammon
President, Sprinkler Division
Bradley Bugg
Senior Vice President, Finance
Michael Bailey
CFO, Alarm Division
Rod DiBona
COO, Sprinkler Division
Brian Feiler
Vice President, Commercial Operations
Alycia Volpe
Senior Director, Marketing
Byrd Miller
Director, Integration and Onboarding
Terry Moore
Director, Environmental Health & Safety

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