Vehicle Fire Suppression

For Big Rigs & Buses

Vehicle Fire Suppression

Fire suppression systems for mining vehicles and other heavy equipment

Operating mining vehicles and heavy equipment comes with its own risks, but fires are a real threat that should never be taken lightly. Fire protection and suppression measures are necessary to safeguard your heavy equipment and most importantly, the vehicle operators.

Pye-Barker Fire & Safety provides inspection, repair, design, and installation of mining vehicle and heavy equipment fire suppression systems to protect the safety of your property and your team.

Keep your vehicles ready for the road or the field.

We’ll outfit you with the right solution.

Specialty Expertise for Specialty Vehicles

Vehicles need to be protected at all times – whether in use or not. Suppression systems designed specifically for vehicles and the highly combustible materials that they contain are a must.

The type of chemical used – whether wet or dry – will depend on what you’re trying to protect, from big rigs to trash trucks to school buses.

Pye-Barker’s team will be able to assess what’s right for your situation and set you up for success.