Keep an Eye on Your Business

Surveillance Cameras & CCTV

Design, installation and repair for video surveillance systems

With CCTV and video surveillance, you can protect your assets, reduce loss and potentially lower your insurance payments. In addition to intrusion detection and alarm monitoring, Pye-Barker designs, installs and implements video monitoring systems that will help you keep an eye on your business for years to come.

We provide remote viewing services that allow you to check in on all your building locations from with just a smartphone from wherever you are. Cameras can also trigger an alarm and relay video to monitoring centers in the event of an intrusion or emergency.

Fully-Integrated Security Solutions

Complement your surveillance cameras and CCTV with these Pye-Barker services.

24/7 Monitoring

Connect your video system to our always-connected monitoring centers.


Your first line of defense – detect and deter intruders in real-time.

Intrusion Detection

Know the status of your perimeter doors and gates at all times.

Home Surveillance Options

Keep an eye on your home, close your garage while away, and turn on lights when intrusion is detected. See our options for internet-connected home security.