Sound the Alarm

Burglar & Security Alarms

Customized commercial and residential alarm solutions

Break-ins, theft, shoplifting, burglaries, employee theft – these are all detrimental to your organization’s health and to your home. Protect what you’ve built with the right burglar and security alarms.

You can buy your own off-the-shelf cameras, but our solutions go many steps further in protecting you. We design fully-integrated alarm systems that prevent theft, deter burglars, detect intruders and respond in real-time.

“My family feels safer having this system in place and the company to back it up.”

Customer in Ogden, UT

Complement Your Alarm System for Ultimate Security

Access Control

Know who’s coming and going. Grant and revoke access to your property easily.

Intrusion Detection

Get peace-of-mind knowing a breach will initiate immediate response.

24/7 Monitoring

Feel protected knowing we’re monitoring for emergent threats.


Keep an eye on your property from wherever you are.