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Fire Suppression

Fire Detection and Suppression Design, Installation & Inspection

Fire suppression systems are critical to help protect your place of business and the people who occupy it each day. Every building is different, and a fire suppression system is not a one-size-fits-all option. Your business needs a fire suppression system specifically designed for you.

We are are proud to service the unique and complex needs of our clients in critical infrastructure industries that include include but are not limited to commercial, residential, utility, aviation, financial services, food services, hospitality, petrochemical, healthcare, agriculture and government.

Our experts create customized solutions for businesses large and small across the U.S. and our end-to-end services provide inspection, maintenance and upgrades over your system’s lifetime.

Fire Alarm Systems

Your first line of defense to protect people and property from fire.

Special Hazards

We’re experienced in protecting high-hazard and delicate environments, from factories to data centers.

Fire Detection — Personal & Commercial Property

Gain peace of mind for your commercial and personal property. Call us and we’ll handle the rest.

Fire Sprinklers vs. Fire Suppression

What’s the difference between a fire sprinkler system and a fire suppression system? Both are designed to protect life and property and provide valuable time for building occupants to escape and the fire department to arrive. The difference is simple – sprinkler systems emit water to extinguish flames whereas suppression systems use a chemical, gas or foam agent.

Which one is best for you depends on the type of building you’re in and what kind of business you need to protect. While water is typically cheaper and more readily available, it’s not a good solution for locations that house valuable assets like art museums, facilities that work with high hazard materials, or restaurants that may experience a grease fire.

Critical Components to a Fire Suppression System

  • Fire Alarm Initiation
  • Notification Lights and Audio
  • Monitoring System
  • Alarm Panel
  • Suppressant Delivery System
  • Backup Power Supply

“I recently started a new brewery and restaurant and realized I had some serious issues with our fire suppression system. This company got out to me almost immediately and resolved our issue. They were fast, courteous and professional. I highly recommend them.”

Customer in Burlington, WA

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