Never Miss a Thing

24/7 Security Alarm Monitoring

Protecting your business or home, even while you’re away

Backed by professional monitoring, today’s security and video surveillance systems can provide real-time protection of home your business and home.

Pye-Barker’s experts will create a comprehensive security system that keeps you aware of what’s happening at your property. Our redundant monitoring centers are the highest rated in the industry. Our agents work 24/7 to identify possible threats and to alert your emergency contacts and the appropriate first responders.

Fully Integrated

Simplify your life when your surveillance system syncs with your other security and safety solutions.

  • Prevent loss and shrinkage
  • Control access

Always Connnected

Get notified immediately when a significant breach is detected so you can take the correct action.

  • Protect your employees, customers and assets
  • Provide real-time tracking


Automatic processes let you focus on other responsibilities knowing your building is protected.

  • Sound alarms automatically during a threat
  • Track analytics for ongoing problems

Take security further with an integrated alarm system.