Lobby Entry Systems

Manage Building Entry With Ease

Lobby Entry Systems

Why more facility managers are choosing lobby management

If you’ve been in many large buildings lately, you may have noticed entry control systems in their lobbies. These restrict the flow of traffic into your building and are hugely beneficial in boosting your overall security measures. They may include video or intercom to verify the identity of those who enter the building, or they may require a badge scan.

Let’s set up your secure building entry system.

Track who is entering your building and when

Easily grant access to employees and approved guests while reducing burden on your receptionists to keep track of each and every person in the lobby. Keep records of coming-and-going.

Restrict access as needed

Create rules to restrict entrance to certain areas by day or time. Cut off access points during an emergency to reduce flow to unsafe areas. Revoke access as needed to protect your staff and your assets from unwanted intruders.

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