Fire Protection – By Land or Sea

Marine Fire Suppression

Weather an unexpected fire with a custom system for your vessel

You’re out at sea and a fire breaks out on board. Is your boat prepared?

Pye-Barker’s expert marine fire suppression team will create a detection and suppression system for your boat, whether it’s a pleasure craft or large commercial vessel.

We leverage the Zettler MX Series to meet the needs of larger scale operations. We can also recommend the right network so that your fire detection devices to communicate with upmost accuracy and speed.

When was the last time your boat’s system was inspected?

” Several years ago while transporting my boat from Missouri to Texas, the Halon system accidently discharged and I’ve had a hard time locating a replacement system, as well as Halon source, ever since -That is, until I met the technician at Pye-Barker Fire & Safety. He spent about 30 mins. on the phone with me showing me how the system worked, guiding me in the process of tank removal, and helping me locate a replacement tank. This type of customer service is unique and rare in today’s world of consumer culture.”

Customer in Austin, TX