The New Look of Pye-Barker Fire & Safety

The look of Pye-Barker Fire & Safety has changed to better reflect the unified company we’ve become. Here’s why and what that means.

Why Rebrand Now

In 1946, two recent Georgia Institute of Technology grads, John Pye and Ben Barker, set up shop with a dream to provide the best customer service in fire protection and life safety equipment. Over the years, that little shop in downtown Atlanta grew first across the region and then to 40 states nationwide.

Along the way, Pye-Barker Fire & Safety acquired more than 100 like-minded fire, life safety and security companies that share our vision — that caring for each other and for our customers like family would make us stand out in the market.

What started as the dream of two young entrepreneurs has grown to the largest fully integrated provider of fire protection, life safety and security services in the United States. We come together dedicated to a common goal to protect life and property. That protection goes beyond the fire extinguisher, and it’s time our brand identity reflects that.

Our humble beginnings in Atlanta the 1940s. See more photos of Pye-Barker through the ages on
our history page.

The Evolution of Pye-Barker Fire & Safety:
Our Look Through the Years

What the Logo Represents

What you see is a flame, symbolizing a threat to life and property, being suppressed by the “P” and “B.” From our long history of serving customers in the life safety space, we have the utmost respect for this industry, and we take the job of protecting your life and property seriously.

In the new logo, the blue represents security, trust and loyalty — the foundations we were built upon — while green symbolizes the growth and innovation you can expect from Pye-Barker in the future.

The Creators Who Helped Bring Our Logo to Life

SCADPro students helped Pye-Barker develop our new brand mark.

We believe in community, so it made sense to leverage talented young designers in our own backyard for this project. The Savannah College of Design (SCAD), located in our home state of Georgia, fosters the next generation of creative professionals. Like us, SCAD believes in fresh thinking and embracing an entrepreneurial spirit.

The SCADPro program connects high-achieving students with influential businesses for marketing and design projects. Twenty students worked together with Pye-Barker to help us develop a brand mark that encapsulates our past and what’s ahead.

Thank you to these talented students for their role in helping us reimagine our brand: Yash Jain, Elizabeth Erdy, Mavita Sayal, Xinyi Xu, Winnie Mak, Nishka Basu, Rishika Sablawat, Cierra Marquardt, Grace Marcy, Anushua Sinha, Boris Schneersohn, Haley Loehfelm, Caroline Gendron, Isabella Rodriguez, John Luke Polson, Ilisha Sharma, Zhantao Yan, Jane Liu, Elenor Post, Jo Pinzon.

Unveiling the New Look

Pye-Barker partnered with Joe Gibbs Racing for a second season in 2023, sponsoring the #20 car driven by John Hunter Nemechek in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. As a primary sponsor for seven races this season, the Pye-Barker logo adorns Nemechek’s car and fire suit as he speeds toward Victory Lane.

What better way to make a splash with our new brand mark than unveiling it during a race? We gathered at the Nashville Superspeedway race on June 24th to celebrate as the new logo debuted on the #20 car.

We’re proud to work with the Joe Gibbs and John Hunter Nemechek racing team. Much like NASCAR, Pye-Barker is a company rooted in tradition but with our eyes on the road ahead.

Our Future

Even as we continue to grow geographically, adding new locations and onboarding additional team members, we remain committed to our guarantee from Day 1: Get the job done, serve our communities with pride, and do the right thing for our customers and team.

One Team Unified

Over 100 business owners have entrusted us with their legacies. Read more about our Acquisitions & Development here.

Along with our brand identity, we decided to articulate our long-held company beliefs into four Core Values. Those are:

  • Customer-bias. We promise to make recommendations that are always in the best interest of our customers and provide service that’s responsive and dependable, every time.
  • Trust. You can count on us to care for you — our customer — as we care for each other.
  • Respect. We have the utmost appreciation for this industry and each other and are proud to be working together to help our customers and neighbors protect what they’ve built.
  • Commitment. We’re committed to quality craftsmanship, quick response and taking care of our team members and our customers like family.

Together, as one team, we will continue our purposeful growth plan, creating more opportunities for our team members and serving additional customers with excellence.