National Clients

A New Fire Protection Experience for National Clients

Pye-Barker offers innovative fire protection solutions for companies across the country, performed by our trained technicians. With over seventy years of proven industry experience and a continually expanding service territory, we are equipped to handle all of your fire, life safety and security needs.

National Fire Protection Accounts


Pye-Barker has stood the test of time, providing quality fire protection and life safety services since 1946. With over 70 years in the industry we have become experts in fire protection, providing quality equipment, installed and serviced by our licensed technicians on the road.


We provide national coverage with a focus on self-performing which allows us to provide a consistent service experience to our customers. Your experience includes clear reporting, simplified paperwork, and knowing what company will be showing up.


Pye-Barker is proud to offer full-service fire suppression, life safety and security services and products to protect your people and your business. This includes installation, inspection, and service.

Cost Effective

We understand the budgetary challenges your industry is facing… that’s why we provide creative terms, flexible billing options, maintenance plans, money saving repair solutions and more.