Dinner by Candlelight… The Safe Way!

Sometimes it is special to have a nice dinner out on the town, but on the nights when you’d rather stay in, candles are a great way to create ambiance.  However, a candlelit dinner can turn into a disaster if not set safely.  Here are some tips to help keep any unwanted sparks away from your romantic evening:

Be Conscious of the Surroundings

According to the NFPA, 60% of home candle fires occur when combustible material comes too close to the candles.  If flowers, cards, or other decorations will be present, be sure to arrange them in a separate space from the candles.  It may seem like a flower resting several inches above a flame or a card sitting under a candlestick are far enough away from the fire source, but unexpected flares and burning wax can close that distance faster than you may expect.  To be safe, leave the other decor on the counter or coffee table and let the candles be their own centerpiece.

Use Enclosed Candles

Tapered candles in ornate holders may appear elegant, but unless you are able to keep a careful eye on them at all times, they are not the safest choice.  Instead, choose pretty hurricane votive holders and light a cluster of mini candles, or pick a couple scented candles that are already in glass containers.  This way if you are momentarily distracted by dinner on the stove, you are less likely to return to a growing fire.

Don’t Get Distracted!

Be sure you blow out the candles before you leave the room!  If you do not trust yourself to remember, then opt for flameless, battery-operated candles instead of real ones.  Candles left unattended can quickly get out of control, and often the base of the candle holders can become the hottest as the flame nears the bottom, concentrating the heat.  Investing in nice battery-operated candles means you can enjoy the magic of the soft lighting again and again, safely!

For more candle safety tips, visit the NFPA’s full page on the topic here.  Wishing you all pleasant and safe evenings!