PBFS Expands in Colorado with Addition of Fire Alarm Services, Inc.

PBFS Expands in Colorado with Addition of Fire Alarm Services, Inc.

Pye-Barker Fire is proud to announce the acquisition of Fire Alarm Services, Inc. in Arvada, Colorado!  Through their expertise and capabilities in fire alarm and fire sprinkler systems, Fire Alarm Services, Inc (FAS) is the perfect complement to our existing locations across the state and will enable Pye-Barker Fire to grow our service offerings in existing and new Colorado regions.

L-R: PBFS CEO Bart Proctor with FAS Owner Shannon Smith, PBFS COO Joseph Hightower and VP of Business Development Chuck Reimel

FAS is a full-service fire protection company that has established a strong presence over its 20 years in business. With 140 employees, FAS covers the state’s major regions, including the Denver metropolitan, Northern Colorado, the Central and Plains areas, and the Rocky Mountains.  The company was owned and operated by its founders, husband and wife team Shannon and Connie Smith.  The couple is proud of the business they created:

“For over two decades Fire Alarm Services, Inc. has built a reputation based on customer focus, integrity and industry knowledge, delivering excellent results that have made us the most reliable fire life safety company in Colorado!” shared Shannon.

Although Connie is retiring, Shannon will remain on as Regional Manager to keep leading his team to success.  The new Pye-Barker Fire branch will also benefit from the knowledge of the FAS employees, whose management team has an average of 15+ years with the company.  Both parties look forward to the increased opportunities for advancement as a result of this deal.

“We are now excited to become part of the Pye-Barker Fire family, who truly understands the importance of the long-term relationships we have built with our customers and employees,” said Shannon. “Together we look forward to continued success and growth with a new and exciting partnership.”

We are proud to welcome this skilled team to the Pye-Barker Fire family and look forward to all that the future holds!  Perhaps a Pye-Barker Fire racecar will be part of the exciting things to come! 

Pye-Barker is a proud collection of family fire protection companies and has provided many owners with a satisfying exit strategy that provided peace of mind for themselves and their staff. If you would like to learn more about what a future with Pye-Barker would look like for your business, please visit www.pyebarkerfire.com/acquisitions to fill out a confidential form. You can also contact our VP of Business Development, Chuck Reimel, directly at 910-612-6252. We look forward to hearing from you!