PBFS Welcomes Ace Fire Equipment

Pye-Barker is now pleased to offer cohesive fire protection coverage to the southeastern corner of Texas through the recent acquisition of Ace Fire Equipment.

Director of Business Development Chuck Reimel (L) and Director of Operations Joseph Hightower (R) with Branch Manager Jamie Spear in front of the new PBFS Austin. 

Since 1968, Ace Fire Equipment has been a family business providing full service coverage to the San Antonio and Austin markets.  For over half a century they have proudly offered fire safety services that their communities can trust.  They earned this trust by focusing on the quality of their employees: not only does their management team boast extensive industry knowledge gained through years of experience, but also the majority of their technicians are multi-licensed, making them highly qualified for the safety tasks assigned.

As current owner Rob Cullen prepared to retire, he started looking for the best exit strategy that would allow the business his stepfather founded to continue flourishing after he stepped out of command.  Pye-Barker was able to provide an option that allowed his company to continue serving the Texas community and enabled his staff to maintain their positions as the premier fire safety specialists in the area.

Chuck Reimel (L) and Regional Manager Brian Lumsden (R) with Sales Manager Cameron Rash in front of the new PBFS San Antonio.

Though Ace Fire Equipment specializes in fire alarm and fire sprinkler testing, inspection, and service, they are a fully integrated fire protection company, and Pye-Barker is proud to continue offering a full range of fire safety services to the surrounding areas through the addition of the Ace Fire team.  When combined with our existing locations in Waco and New Braunfels, these new offices allow us to fully serve the southern I-35 corridor and establish Pye-Barker as the primary service provider for the area.

We are proud to carry on this family’s legacy and provide the best protection possible to our Texas markets!  Welcome to the Pye-Barker team, Ace Fire Equipment!

Pye-Barker is a proud collection of small to moderate sized companies and has provided many owners with a satisfying exit strategy that provided peace of mind for themselves and their staff.  If you would like to speak to someone confidentially about the opportunities available for you and your business, please reach out to our Director of Business Development, Chuck Reimel, at 910-612-6252 or send a private email to creimel@pyebarkerfire.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!