Pye-Barker Acquires Dragon Fire

(Pictured: Pye-Barker owners Bart Proctor and Roger Lumsden with Dragon Fire Systems owner Russ Felldin)

Pye-Barker is proud to announce the acquisition of Dragon Fire, a fire protection company that was originally founded in Cleveland, Texas in 1991.  Owner Russ Felldin was introduced to the fire safety industry through his father, who worked for well-known fire protection equipment provider, Ansul, for over three decades during Felldin’s childhood.  Felldin himself worked in the industry for years before founding his own company, Dragon Fire Systems, which today is a thriving business with multiple locations across Texas.

The company boasts a staff of almost 40 skilled employees, and protects several different regions surrounding their three locations.  They offer a complete list of fire and life safety products and services, making them the ideal company to call, no matter the size of your business.  Most importantly, the safety of their communities comes first, and they always strive to provide the best customer service to those they protect. 

We are honored to continue providing quality service to Dragon Fire’s growing customer base, and are pleased to have so many of their excellent staff joining our family of employees.  Pye-Barker’s new branches in San Antonio, Houston, and Freeport will complement our branches in Waco and Bryan, with which we made our entrance into Texas, and establish us as the top choice for fire protection services in the state. 

Welcome to the family, Dragon Fire Systems, we look forward to what the future holds!

Pye-Barker is a proud collection of small to moderate sized companies and has provided many owners with a satisfying exit strategy that provided peace of mind for themselves and their staff.  If you would like to speak to someone confidentially about the opportunities available for you and your business, please reach out to our Director of Business Development, Chuck Reimel, at 910-612-6252 or send a private email to  We look forward to hearing from you!