Pye-Barker Acquires Hernando Fire

L-R: Director of Operations, Joseph Hightower, Regional Manager Josh McGlade, Karol and Kent Ferguson, Director of Business Development Chuck Reimel

Pye-Barker is proud to announce the acquisition of Hernando Fire in Central Florida.  Hernando Fire has been in the fire protection business for over 30 years and provides fire safety services for a large range of customers, from small businesses and public schools to apartment complexes and restaurant chains.  Their services include the inspection, sales, and installation of fire extinguishers, suppression systems, and exit/emergency lighting.

The Hernando Fire Team

Owners Kent and Karol Ferguson helped the company become the respected name in fire protection that it is today and leave it in our hands so we can continue their efforts to offer quality safety services and equipment to the northern Tampa and central Florida markets.  Kent will be staying on part-time to help Pye-Barker with the transition.  His decades of experience with kitchen suppression systems will be a valuable help as we expand our presence in this part of the state.  His skilled staff members will also be an invaluable contribution to the Pye-Barker family.  Their office manager, Velma, has over 15 years of experience working with the Hernando Fire team and will not only play an important role during this time of integration but also be an integral part of the future of this new branch.

Through this acquisition, Pye-Barker is proud to expand their coverage of the region and gain a team of such skilled employees.  We look forward to the ways this new branch will help us further establish Pye-Barker as the premiere fire protection provider for Southwest and Central Florida. 

Welcome to the team, Hernando Fire!

Pye-Barker is a proud collection of small to moderate sized companies and has provided many owners with a satisfying exit strategy that provided peace of mind for themselves and their staff.  If you would like to speak to someone confidentially about the opportunities available for you and your business, please reach out to our Director of Business Development, Chuck Reimel, at 910-612-6252 or send a private email to  We look forward to hearing from you!