Pye-Barker Acquires United Fire Protection, Adds Two New FL Locations

Pye-Barker Fire is proud to announce the acquisition of United Fire Protection, headquartered in Tampa, FL. The purchase was finalized in March and furthers the dominant presence Pye-Barker Fire has established in the state over the past few years.

United Fire was established in 1999 and is a full-service fire protection company.  From their founding, their mission was to provide “world class services” to the wide range of customers they protect.  With 150 employees and four locations at the time of the acquisition, United Fire has a large presence throughout Florida and south Georgia.

Through this addition, Pye-Barker Fire establishes two new branches in Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale while expanding their current presence in Tampa, FL and Atlanta, GA.

United Fire was led by its founders Chad Norris, Rick Scott, and Blake More.  All three original owners will continue on with Pye-Barker Fire as they work to continue their growth within the region.

“Our team has worked tirelessly over the last 21 years to build a reputation for quality and dependability,” shared United Fire President Chad Norris. “We’re excited to join forces with the Pye-Barker Fire family because they share our passion for providing world class service.”

Pye-Barker is proud to welcome United Fire Protection to the team!

(The above is excerpted from the original press release, which can be read in full along with our other press releases here.)

Pye-Barker is a proud collection of family fire protection companies and has provided many owners with a satisfying exit strategy that provided peace of mind for themselves and their staff. If you would like to learn more about what a future with Pye-Barker would look like for your business, please visit to fill out a confidential form. You can also contact our VP of Business Development, Chuck Reimel, directly at 910-612-6252. We look forward to hearing from you!