Pye-Barker Fire & Safety Acquires Four Sonitrol Locations, Rapidly Expands in the Carolinas

Pye-Barker Fire & Safety – the largest fully integrated and full-service fire protection, life safety and security services provider in the United States – has acquired three security and alarms companies from the Sonitrol Security Systems network. Pye-Barker closed in November on Sonitrol Security Services, Inc.; Sonitrol of Charleston, Inc.; and Sonitrol of the Midlands, Inc. Through these transactions, Pye-Barker gained four new locations, strengthening its market position as the single-source provider of choice for integrated life safety protection in North and South Carolina.

All three Sonitrol companies offer security alarms, fire detection, video surveillance and access control services. Sonitrol Security Services, Inc. (dba Sonitrol of the Carolinas) operates locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, and Greenville, South Carolina, and was the 2023 recipient of the Sonitrol Dealer of the Year award. Led by Wylie Fox and Bill Price, the company is also ranked on the SDM 100.

Sonitrol of Charleston and the Midlands – referred to collectively as Sonitrol South Carolina and led by John, Alan and Michael Rama – serve customers from locations in Charleston and Columbia, South Carolina, and have been an integral part of the community since 1978.

The owners of these Sonitrol acquisitions reflected on their decision to join the Pye-Barker Fire & Safety family of companies:

 “From our first meeting, the discussion with Pye-Barker centered around our people and our customers and having a strong commitment to do what we say we’re going to do. These values and their commitment to be the best are identical to ours and ones we have worked to provide our customers over the last 35+ years,” said Wylie Fox, Owner at Sonitrol of the Carolinas.

“Finding the right partner who will maintain our legacy was more important than the dollars received. We’re thrilled to be aligned with a 77-year-old service company that really cares,” said Bill Price, Owner at Sonitrol of the Carolinas.

The Rama family of Sonitrol South Carolina echoed these thoughts:

“Sonitrol has been a part of our family for three generations, and this will remain true. We know that our family of dedicated employees will be cared for by Pye-Barker,” said Alan Rama, Owner at Sonitrol South Carolina, who will stay on with Pye-Barker.

“Our success is rooted in our commitment to our customers and our employees. I am confident that our decision to merge with a like-minded company is the right choice for continued growth,” said John Rama, Owner at Sonitrol South Carolina.

Pye-Barker CEO Bart Proctor said, “We are proud to bring on these growth-minded and values-oriented teams to be part of Pye-Barker. These additions support our vision to become the single-source provider of integrated fire protection and security services in every community.”

Wylie Fox and Bill Price from Sonitrol of the Carolinas and the Ramas from Sonitrol South Carolina will remain on the Pye-Barker team to help drive market share and continue to serve customers with excellence. Their teams of highly skilled technicians and managers will also stay on to serve customers in the region.

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