Pye-Barker Proud to Enter Colorado

Pye-Barker is proud to announce their expansion into the western part of the United States through the recent establishment of three Colorado branches, located in Denver, Greeley, and Colorado Springs.  These new branches were added through the acquisition of Sentry Fire & Safety, a full service fire protection company that has been serving the Colorado community for over 40 years.

The founder and owner of Sentry Fire, Lou Greway, started as a technician and grew to love the industry as he learned it.  This motivated him to open his Denver-based company in 1976.  Since its origin, the company has become a leader in the region, protecting the front range with three full service offices.

After decades of hard work and long hours, Lou was ready to ease back into a supervisory role.  He had several conversations with Pye-Barker to discern if we were the right choice not only for his company, but also for his employees.  We are pleased to announce Lou’s decision to entrust Sentry Fire to our care, and are happy that he will be joining our team to supervise and assist with the transition and growth of our Colorado locations.

Pye-Barker will continue to offer a complete range of fire protection services in all three locations, including the installation, inspection, and maintenance of fire alarm, fire suppression, fire sprinkler, fire extinguisher, emergency lighting, and monitoring systems and equipment. The existing staff will be joining the Pye-Barker family and will be considered a great asset as we begin to establish ourselves in the community.

We are excited to see what the future holds and hope these three offices will be the first in a series of new establishments in the western part of the country.

(Pictured: Sentry Fire owner Lou Greeway, center, with Director of Business Development, Charles Reimel, left, and PBFS Nashville manager Brian Lumsden, right)

Pye-Barker is a proud collection of small to moderate sized companies and has provided many owners with a satisfying exit strategy that provided peace of mind for themselves and their staff.  If you would like to speak to someone confidentially about the opportunities available for you and your business, please reach out to our Director of Business Development, Chuck Reimel, at 910-612-6252 or send a private email to  We look forward to hearing from you!