Safety for the Rest of Summer

August is here and the pumpkin spice teasers are already making appearances.  However, there are still many hot days of summer left and these safety tips will help you enjoy them properly:

Bonfires and Bungalows

Lake-side vacations would not be complete without s’mores and stories around a fire pit. But before you light the fire, make sure you are at least five feet away from any structures. Rogue flames can spread fast, especially after a hot day when natural fibers like wood have become dry or brittle. Also check for debris and overhanging branches that could ignite from even a few spray sparks.

Grills and Grease

We all know summer fades into football season, which means that grill is not getting a break anytime soon! Consider this your reminder to remove accumulated grease, give the grates a good cleaning, and reposition the grill if it is less than three feet away from your house.

Company and Candles

As the final round of summer traveling begins, it is important to remember that any candles lit in anticipation of guests need to be extinguished immediately when everyone leaves the room. Candles in safe, flame-resistant containers (such as glass) or little votives inside deeper holders are good options, especially if you are forgetful. As always, be sure to pay attention to the things surrounding the candles as well and remove any that could catch fire.

Water and Wires

We have mentioned Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) a few times this summer, but we will mention it again. Poor wiring or other electrical malfunctions, whether great or small, can make a contained body of water the equivalent of an electric field. We strongly advise learning more about this and testing the waters before diving into them. It is also a good practice to avoid introducing anything metal (a ladder, for example) to water that could potential have live electricity interacting with it.

Keep these tips in mind and your summer can end with enough happy memories to keep you warm through the coming cooler temps!  Looking for more summer safety?  Check out our 2019 Summer Safety Checklist and accompanying activity!