Two Thanksgiving Dangers

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to count your blessings. For most, home and family will make the top of that list, but what many don’t realize is that the very feast they prepare to celebrate is endangering these precious things.  Whether you are slaving over the stove to make the perfect gravy and cranberry sauce, or are bundled up outside deep-frying the perfect turkey, disaster will strike the minute you turn your back or walk away.  Here are the two biggest dangers that threaten to turn your Thanksgiving into a tragedy if you are not careful:

The Pan on Your Stove

As we mentioned before in our piece about pan fires, turning your back on an oily or greasy pan is just asking for a fire.  Around Thanksgiving, it is typical to have multiple heat sources going at once, from the pans on the burners to the dishes in the oven, it is easy to become distracted and leave one or all of them unattended.  This is the primary reason that Thanksgiving is the peak day for home fires in the United States.  So if your child is calling from the other room, or if you need to start preparing another dish while one is already heating up on the stove, recruit a family member or friend to help you keep an eye on your pan.  If the pan does catch on fire, be sure to check out this article so you know how to correctly respond before you have an emergency.

The Deep-Fryer in your Backyard

The deep-fried turkey trend is increasing in popularity, and if you and your family will be joining the trend this year, be sure to keep a few things in mind. Place your deep-fryer away from anything flammable.  Ideally it would be placed on a concrete pad away from trees, dry grass, or landscaping.  Be sure you clean thoroughly before and after each use to prevent accumulated grease or oil drippings from catching fire quickly.  And, as with the pan, be sure you stay by it at all times, and keep your fire extinguisher handy.

The Pye-Barker family wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving! Stay safe, and check out our Facebook page for the Thanksgiving Edition of our Holiday Safety Checklist for more tips to protect the ones you love.