Branch Feature: PBFS Denver

Branch Feature: PBFS Denver

Branch Operations Manager Josh Miller and General Manager Christian Uhrich

Pye-Barker is proud to present a new branch feature, this time highlighting PBFS Denver!

PBFS Denver is a combination of three acquired businesses: Sentry Fire & Safety in 2018, Tri County Fire Protection in mid 2019, and Empire Fire & Safety at the end of the same year.  Through combining these industry leaders, Pye-Barker became the dominant fire protection provider for the state and continues to be a thriving presence, thanks to the hard work of the PBFS Denver team.

Sentry Fire Becomes the First PBFS Colorado Location

With the acquisition of Sentry Fire in November 2018, Pye-Barker proudly announced their first Colorado locations.  The company had been in business for over forty years, and the founder and owner, Lou Greway, was ready to supervise instead of manage.  With the close of sale, Pye-Barker entered the state with branches in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Greeley.

Tri County Fire Strengthens Our Colorado Presence

The following summer, Pye-Barker was ready to further expand our presence in the state.  We acquired Tri County Fire in August 2019.  Tri County Fire was a family business, owned by industry veteran and entrepreneur Larry Uhrich and managed with help from his sons, Christian and Jason.  They had a strong presence in Rifle, CO, along with four other cities across the state.

The Rifle branch quickly paired up with our existing Denver branch to operate as a powerful team.  While Larry retired, Christian and Jason were soon given leadership roles in the company, with Christian still managing the Denver-Rifle branches.

Empire Fire Brings Stability and History

PBFS Denver was further stabilized in its growth through the acquisition of Empire Fire in December 2019.  With that purchase, Pye-Barker acquired Red Coment as well, Colorado’s oldest fire extinguisher company.  The Empire Fire team was incorporated into the existing Denver branch, resulting in a strong home base to assist and oversee the surrounding branches.

Pye-Barker Denver is Unstoppable!

Today, PBFS Denver is a full service fire protection provider with 32 employees. Together with the Rifle branch, the locations make up nearly half of our Colorado staff.  Their shop crew of five employees performs nearly every kind of fire extinguisher, suppression system cylinder service and recharge necessary.  They also offer high pressure hydrostatic testing and filling of CO2s.  They handle all the shop work for four of Colorado’s locations in addition to their own.  As Denver Shop Manager and Colorado Purchasing Manager Derek Smith said,

“Needless to say, we have a busy shop and these guys work very hard, and very well as a team to fulfill the needs of our technicians working in the ever-growing Colorado Market.”

The branch continues to expand in Denver through acquisition and organic growth.  It has also become the largest Ansul restaurant installation company in the state.

With the inspiring work ethic of their crew, the long-standing reputation of the companies that formed it, and the ambition of the leadership team, PBFS Denver is truly unstoppable!

We look forward to a future of continued success, Denver!  Keep up the great work!