2018: A Historic Year for Pye-Barker

2018 has been a year of rapid growth and exciting expansion for Pye-Barker Fire & Safety.  We added more than ten new locations, entered three new states, and gained many amazing employees.  Additionally, we implemented a new software program and relocated our Corporate office to better serve our customers with efficiency and accuracy.  As this historic year comes to a close, we revisit our acquisitions for the year as we look forward to the new markets we will enter in the near future.

The year began with the acquisition of Tampa Bay Fire on the Gulf coast Florida.  Through this acquisition we established a new office in Tampa and became more accessible for our customers in the region.  A couple months later we expanded our presence in our home state of Georgia through the acquisition of American Fire & Safety in Atlanta.  Owner Sherrill Ridley had owned and operated the business since 1977, and he was happy to entrust his employees and customers to our care so he could enjoy retirement.  Our third acquisition of Reliable Fire in southern Florida enabled us to merge some of our Florida branches to better cover the state’s various regions.

We then entered the state of Texas with the exciting acquisition of A-1 Fire & Safety Equipment Company in the cities of Waco and Bryan.  “We feel so blessed, at this time in our lives when we have decided to retire, that the Pye-Barker family desired to purchase our company,” shared owners Andy and Elaine Restivo.  It was an acquisition that was mutually satisfying and began our expansion into the Lone Star State.

We quickly added three more branches in Texas through the acquisition of the renowned Dragon Fire Systems, with locations in San Antonio, Houston, Freeport.  The staff of Dragon Fire joined our team and became active members of the Pye-Barker family immediately; we look forward to starting the new year with their passion backing us.

In the last couple months, we announced our last two acquisitions with great pride.  Through the hard-won acquisition of Sentry Fire & Safety, Pye-Barker entered the Colorado market with a big bang, establishing three branches in the state’s hotspots immediately through Sentry’s offices in Denver, Colorado Springs, and Greeley.  Finally, we expanded into Kentucky through the acquisition of Pro Fire Extinguishment.  Both Sentry Fire and Pro Fire were full service fire protection companies, and Pye-Barker will work closely with the existing staff members to ensure we continue to offer a full range of fire and life safety services to the surrounding communities.

We would like to thank the owners of these companies for considering Pye-Barker as part of their exit strategy and for placing the futures of their employees into our hands. Many of the employees we gained through these acquisitions have already taken advantage of the growth opportunities Pye-Barker has available, and the owners have been able to watch their companies continue to flourish and grow under our care.

If you are interested in what an exit plan with Pye-Barker would look like, please reach out to our Director of Business Development, Chuck Reimel. He can be reached directly at 910-612-6252, or you can send him a private message through LinkedIn to learn more about the incredible opportunities we can offer you and your business.